How to Use Ear Drops

These instructions will help you to put eardrops in your ears. You can also give drops to your child or someone you care about if you are a caregiver or parent. Ask a friend or family member to assist you if you have difficulty putting drops in your ears. Prepare

  1. Get your supplies. You will need a bottle of ear drops, a tissue or another cloth to wipe off any drips.
  2. Use soap and water to wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer if water is unavailable.
  3. You can warm the drops by holding the bottle in one- to two minutes. This will reduce discomfort from cold drops.
  4. The cap should be removed from the bottle. Place the cap on a dry, clean surface.
  5. Check that droppers are clean for bottles that have a dropper.

Inject the drops

  1. Place your head so that the ear is facing upward. It may be easier to stand or sit straight up and tilt your head towards the side if you are giving the drops to someone else. It may be easier to give the drops to someone you don’t know if they tilt their heads or lie on their sides.
  2. You can pour liquid into a bottle that has a dropper. You can also use a dropper tip to flip the bottle upside-down.
  3. Gently pull the upper ear upwards and back for adults. Children should gently pull the lower part of their ear back and down. You will need to squeeze the right amount of drops into your ear. You can find the exact amount of drops in the label or instructions from your doctor.
  4. To allow the drops of the oil to reach the ear, gently pull the earlobe upward and downward. To allow the drops to spread into the ears, tilt the head for two to five minutes.
  5. Use a tissue or a clean cloth to remove any liquid.
  6. Place the cap back on.
  7. To get rid of any medication, wash your hands.
  8. Keep the bottle in the original container, as per the instructions of the label or your pharmacist.

These are some helpful tips

  • Don’t Use a dropper that is cracked, chipped or dirty.
  • The dropper tip should not touch your ears, fingers or any other surface. It can pick up bacteria and other germs which could lead to an infection in your ear.
  • Do not heat the drops in hot water. They could become too hot and cause damage to your ears.
  • Do not share your eardrops. Drops shared with others could spread infection and germs.

It is important to know how long the drops can be used safely after the bottle has been opened. If you’re having your ear wax removal in Newcastle or ear wax removal in York, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the expiration dates for prescription ear drops. Check the expiration dates on any over-the-counter drops. Throw away any expired drops. Do not use expired ear drops.